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We specialize in technical consultation, system administration, and creative services

Live Streaming Programs

We specialize in live streaming on just about any platform. Our professional live streamers will walk you through any stage you are at as well as direct your next live event. We are ready to give trainings on Wirecst, Newtek Tricaster, and even OBS. 

Non-linear editors

Our repitoire of video editing programs span from Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, and more. Whether you need an editor for your next project, or training on that new feature that just came out, get in touch with us to learn more!

Collaborative systems.

One of the biggest hurdles is collaboration, even when everyone is in the same office! We specialize in shared media storage and making an impact on your video editing process. The options are endless! Let’s get in touch!


Community Outreach

There is no doubt there is a race to the top in live streaming and social media. When using Stone Productions, we are highly motivated to make your program look and operate as well as it was meant to be!

Editing Workflow

Post production efficiency is important. No matter the size of your team, we can head your next big edit day with asset management, system administration, technical operations, NLE training, archival education and execution, and much, much more. 

Just want to talk?

Let us know what’s on your mind to see if we are the right fit for you. We offer a trial period to hash out any details ahead of time. We love to learn more about our clients and make your product shine

We’re devoted to being a part of your business plan and make your workflow more efficient. We want to make a long lasting effect on your project and assist you every step of the way. We love to do this with a professional team that help troubleshoot problems quickly and effectively.

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Location is('nt) everything

We may be based in Pennsylvania, but we’re nimble and experts at remote assistance. Give us a shout if you’re nearby, or just visit our contact page