Frequilibrium makes the sun come out at Chicago’s Taste of Randolph

By Steve Stone

On a damp and quiet Saturday afternoon, Randolph Street in Chicago was home to its largest street festival, Taste of Randolph. In a jam-packed musical lineup, the stage was set for Frequilibrium, who got the music restarted on Saturday afternoon.

From the Chicagoland area, the band saw the end of a two-day spout of showers and thunderstorms, which almost certainly was to cancel the event. The four-piece blues fusion band collected passersby with a catchy and memorable set as the sun started to peak from behind the clouds that day.

Setlist for Frequilibrium at the 2019 Taste of Randolph in Chicago

With hits like The Look and Slow Burn, the group made an impact for the rest of the day which included acts like Steady Flow, Aqueous, and Cory Wong.

As festival patrons quickly caught on to the powerful groove the band produces on stage, it set the tone for the following acts that began to spell out a memorable year of the festival.

You can check out Frequilibrium at Spotify and Apple Music.